COVID-19, The Chamber, and Eagle Grove Businesses


Hi Folks,

I’ve spent the morning brainstorming some ideas for businesses to think about during the increasing amounts of social distancing, government recommended closures, and self-quarantines.

As you all know, small businesses do not have a large profit margin to rest upon during times of decreased business, so being open in some capacity may or may not be the right fit for you. Use your best judgment.

Here are some thoughts, and please know I’m here to help with ANY AND ALL THINGS I’M SUGGESTING. Let me know what you need, and I’ll find a way to make it happen. The Chamber is here for you, your business, and our community.

  • Use social media to inform people of your cleanliness practices to reassure them. If you’re open, let people know that you’re wiping down surfaces, that you’ve got hand sanitizer, that you’re limiting the amount of people in the room at the same time. If you need me to do social media posts for you, I’m happy to. Just let me know.
  • If you have any modified services you’re providing, let people know. Consider doorstep delivery and online or phone payments when possible.
  • If you teach group classes or provide group services, consider if your customers/attendees are at risk, and maybe offer classes via Facebook Live or Youtube and offer online payment.
  • If you have time on your hands and can teach people something, offer an online class using Facebook Live—I can help you get that going if you’d like: crafts, home improvements, rearranging your house—people are going to be bored, and you can remain in their minds and make some money as well.
  • Restaurants should consider curbside pickup, rerouting wait staff to deliver food, and making sure there are affordable options for families who don’t have access to school meals and may be off work.
    • See Twiins and Huntley’s Facebook pages for great, proactive posts about how they are providing services differently during this situation
  • If you sell online, research other platforms that may be a good fit for your business and get to listing. If you don’t sell online yet, do the same. Online sales can really help provide a cushion during times when foot traffic is low.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • I will likely postpone any events for the next two weeks, and evaluate further out as time goes on.
  • Consider the chamber as auxillary staff. If you need to make a delivery but can’t get away, call me. If you need someone to shop and deliver groceries/supplies to people, call me. If you need help with your online presence, social media, or marketing of new/changed services, call me. Whatever you need, call me.

We’re a strong community, and we will get through this together. The chamber is here to help. Thank you all for all you do.

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