Congratulations to dr. dustin smith: 2021 allbaugh award recipient

Our Foundation for the Future President Kurt Knudsen presents Dr. Dustin Smith with the 2021 Allbaugh Award

The 2021 Allbaugh Award was presented to Dr. Dustin Smith of Eagle Grove Tuesday, Februrary 22nd, 2022 at the Rotary Club of Eagle Grove noon meeting by Our Foundation for the Future.

The award is presented annually to honor an individual who demonstrates care and concern in the growth and welfare of the community of Eagle Grove in a variety of ways. The award is a gift from the Roy and Cornelia Allbaugh Family, who had the opportunity to live, grow, and share in Eagle Grove. The recipient has a history of uncompensated contribution of time, talents, and resources toward the needs of the Eagle Grove area.

The Allbaugh Award has been funded by the Allbaughts with two $10,000  gifts to Our Foundation for the Future with the recipient receiving $500.00 to pass along to a local charity.

A progressive plaque listing the honorees since 1985 is on public display at the Eagle Grove Memorial Library.

Congratulations to Dr. Smith and the long line of distinguished honorees.


Past Allbaugh Award recipients congratulate Dr. Dustin Smith
Dr. Dustin Smith and his wife, Deb Smith at the Allbaugh Award presentation

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