chamber chat: unique value propositions

I was thinking about something powerful that our businesses can do to rocket themselves into success, or at the very least make these challenging times a bit easier to get through, and I was reminded of an exercise that helps create a Unique Value Proposition. 
Many people smarter than myself have written about and taught this process, so I’ll leave it to them.

One thing I really love about the graphic below is that it shows now your UVP should be more about focusing in on the combination of what your customers need and care about and what YOU DO REALLY WELL and less about trying to offer things your competitors do better than you.


“In business and marketing, the UVP (unique value proposition) is a statement that clearly tells your potential customers how they will benefit from your offer, how your products or services will address their needs and solve their problems, and what makes your offer different from the competition. The term UVP is often used interchangeably with the term USP (unique selling proposition). It is placed on the homepage of a website to make it clear for potential customers how you can improve their situation and add value to their life, and why they should buy from you. Unique Value Proposition is a form of brand messaging that helps you make your customers get in love with your company brand.”

Read more and learn how to develop your UVP here:


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