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Go Small.

If you sell furniture and/or home décor, focus on your items on hand like wall art, kitchen items, knick-knacks, etc. Things that are relatively inexpensive that might move quicker—both sales-wise and shipping-wise–than big ticket items. People may not want to buy a sofa right now because money isn’t super certain for anyone, but they may want to buy something smaller to jazz up their home (because they’re spending lots more time there). It may also make your customers realize your business is a good fit for our Gift Card Cash Mob instead of just thinking “$30 won’t make a dent in a $1000 item.”  Connect the dots and tell the story for your customer.

Go Online.

If you haven’t yet, consider a simple online shop for those small items. I’m using Square for our gift card initiative, and it’s really simple. I’d be happy to show you what (little) I know. These days, pretty much every retail business should have some sort of online component to assist the brick and mortar location. Even if people just browse online and buy in the store, it’s still getting people looking at your inventory even when they can’t come to your store.

Go Live.

Utilize Facebook Live and hold a flash sale or just walk through your inventory with them. Tell them how you are. Wish them well. These connections matter, and can sometimes get you a new customer because no matter how virtual a world we live in, people crave connection and experiences. If you market in a way that connects, you’ll beat the big box stores. Make the best “whatever it is” in town? Consider doing an online cooking class. Do people miss their favorite server or bartender or stylist or…whoever? Put them online immediately. Have fun with it. People need to smile right now. Give them that and they will never forget you.

Adaptability, connection, and communication, folks. These are your keys, and they don’t have to cost much, or anything. Let me know what you need help with, and I’ll find a way to assist.

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