chamber chat: WHAT YOU DON’T SEE

Chamber Chat: What You Don’t See I’ve been thinking a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in various situations, probably because the Chamber is planning eleventy-billion events and initiatives right now, and unless you’re on the board or an Ambassador or have seen me all but sprinting around town you probably don’t realize … Read more

chamber chat: fa la la local!

Hi, Eagle Grove. Sorry I haven’t done one of these for a while, but as I was planning out the Chamber’s Christmas window display (hint: I CAN’T PUT MY ARMS DOWN!!), inspiration washed over me and I had to tell you about it. Chambers of Commerce are working to change the holiday shopping mentality from … Read more

CHAMBER CHAT: Work on your business when you can’t work in your business

Strategies to Help Your Business in the Wake of Social Distancing The country recommended people stay in their homes; airlines are grounding flights, the state has implemented shutdowns on schools and entire industries.  Your customers are being told to only leave for necessities; your employees are working from home, and you’re looking around an expanse … Read more

CHAMBER CHAT: Ghost towns happen when you don’t shop local

I read this article today as I grappled with the reality of having cancelled our Third Thursday event series because it was poorly attended and didn’t result in more sales for the participating businesses. When the Eagle Grove Event & Promotions Committee came to the realization that the event was failing, it was too late … Read more

CHAMBER CHAT: big box stores and the death of customer service

Happy Friday, Eagle Grove! I think a lot about customer service, and how it’s a rare thing thing these days.  The greeting when entering. The chitchat while your browse. The expertise of knowing products and services inside and out. The truthful input about why one brand or model or dish or service  may be a … Read more

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